Annuity Investment Group


Our organisation

Africa's Leading Investment Managers

Annuity Investments Group Limited is a financial services provider in Zambia offering Investments and wealth management services. By investing in our portfolio of funds, we will help you manage, create and grow your wealth.

Our approach seeks consistently to deliver highly competitive, long-term results. Our motivation is the understanding that it’s not our funds we are managing; it’s our investors. It’s their trust that drives us. We work hard to earn it each and every day.

Our Vision

To be a world top class investment and wealth management company for our chosen markets in Zambia and Africa.

Our culture is centred entirely on client centricity, with a clear focus on providing long term value addition to clients, while maintaining the highest levels of excellence, ethics and professionalism. The entire firm activities are divided across distinct client groups: Individuals, Private Clients, Corporate and Institutions